Don’t Put Off Dental Implants Any Longer Due to High Costs

dental implants san antonioThere are some things in life that are worth looking for the best bargain when you are shopping. For example, when it comes to retail, sales are incredibly popular for any shopper. Why would you pay the full price for something when you can get it for half-price? Seems like a good idea, right?

Discount prices may seem like a great bargain at first, but when it comes to other things in life (such as your dental needs), it’s better not to become so fixated on the cost. Especially when it comes to your teeth or anything that may require surgical procedures–it’s more important to find the best option for yourself. For instance, researching dental implants is something that should be taken very seriously. Instead of getting caught up on penny pinching, it’s a lot more important to focus on searching for a safe and skilled dentist with years of successful experience doing dental implants. Also, there are many affordable dental implants options out there if you are factoring in the quality and longevity of the implants.


Although costs can be intimidating, it’s essential not to post-pone your needs. If you require dental implants, you should schedule a procedure as soon as possible. The longer you put off the problem, the worse your condition can get. These are some of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t put off dental implants:

  • Affordable Options: Contrary to what you may think, there are affordable dental implants out there. Beware of discounted, bargain basement ads. However, there are realistic, practical options such as the ones provided at San Antonio KRK Implant Center, which will assure you long-lasting, durable results.
  • Impressive Success Rate: Typically, replacing missing teeth with dental implants has a pretty great success rate, which averages rate around 95%.
  • Prone to Bone Loss: Unfortunately, the longer you wait to get affordable dental implants, you are only giving yourself more problems. When you are missing a tooth, the bone of your jaw naturally begins to decay. Without a replacement, bone loss can occur rapidly and spread in your mouth. San Antonio’s dental implants can help prevent this by filling the space of the missing teeth.


If you feel that you are considering implants, be confident that there are many benefits to this decision. San Antonio patients that received implants at the KRK Implant Center chose this option due to the many benefits the procedure can have. These are some of the reasons that affordable dental implants are popular:

  • Establish a stronger foundation for your mouth including biting and chewing
  • Improve your smile with an overall a more natural and complete look
  • Stop bone loss damage and other issues that can result from tooth loss

Overall, dental implants will help improve your life by making you look and feel more comfortable, natural, and confident.

If you are missing teeth or are considering receiving dental implants, please call San Antonio periodontist Dr. Krueger at 210.826.3946 for a consultation today. He will work with you for a solution that will help your individual needs. Whether it’s enhancing your smile or improving your overall dental health, Dr. Krueger can help with any goals you may have.