All-on-4 patients can restore the full arch of teeth with new, natural-looking replacements. The approach is a wonderful alternative to dentures and is an effective dental implant treatment we offer.

All-on-4 provides a complete and healthy smile with a single procedure. If you have extensive tooth loss or dental problems that can’t be easily corrected, you may be a good candidate for the treatment.

Understanding All-on-4

During a typical dental implant procedure, Doctor Krueger attaches one crown to a single replacement tooth root (dental implant). If more than one tooth is missing or will be lost, multiple crowns can often be attached to just two or three implants.

All-on-4 expands the approach. With this method, Doctor Krueger places a few dental implants at strategic locations in the jaw, and instead of connecting a single crown to each man-made root (dental implant), he connects an entire arch of crowns to the fixtures. As a result, the patient’s smile can be completely restored by the end of the procedure.

Why All-on-4 Patients Coming to us Require Treatment

Dental disease and tooth loss can inhibit you in several ways:

  • You may feel less confident smiling if you are missing many of your teeth.
  • Dental disease can create significant discomfort and lead to other health concerns.
  • Missing teeth make it harder for you to chew food or speak comfortably.
  • Over time, the loss of a tooth root can weaken the bone in your jaw. This can lead to wrinkles, creases, and a collapsed appearance around your mouth.

Whether you prefer the convenience of permanent teeth over dentures, or you want to prevent bone loss and structural changes in your face, All-on-4 can help.

Your All-on-4 Experience with KRK Implant Center

All-on-4 patients start with a consultation at our practice. Doctor Krueger will conduct an examination using x-rays and cone-beam computed tomography. This technology allows him to thorough evaluate the jawbone and insure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

On the day of your surgery:

  • Doctor Krueger will numb the area so you feel no pain during the procedure. Most of our patients also choose to have some form of sedation.
  • He will place the dental implants in your jaw.
  • A strong temporary set of teeth will be attached to these implants. These teeth look natural and completely replace your missing teeth.

Two to three weeks after the procedure, you will return for a check-up to insure your recovery is going well. You will receive a permanent prosthesis three to four months after your surgery.

Learn more about whole smile restoration. All-on-4 patients can schedule an initial consultation by calling 210.826.3946 or contacting us online at