Emergency Dentist

Dr. Kenneth Krueger and the staff of KRK Implant Center provide treatment for both periodontal disease and aesthetics. If you think you need help from an emergency dentist, please contact us for immediate care. Unsure of what qualifies as an emergency? Learn more about the patients we see.

If Your Tooth Is Missing, We Offer Same-Day Replacement

One of the most common reasons patients need emergency help is that they have lost a tooth in an accident or from some other trauma. If the area is bleeding extensively, it’s important to seek care right away. For some patients, the medical aspect of a missing tooth is less important than the aesthetic impact. Many people come to us because they don’t want friends or co-workers to see them with a gap in their smile. Whether they just want to socialize without feeling self-conscious, are leading a business meeting that week, or have a family photo scheduled, a missing tooth can be a real inconvenience. As an emergency dentist, Doctor Krueger can provide a new tooth for you in a single day using dental implants. During the procedure:

  • He places a replacement tooth root (dental implant), which forms a strong connection to the bone in your jaw.
  • Doctor Krueger connects a new temporary tooth crown to this root to restore the look and feel of your original tooth.
  • You can leave the appointment with a complete set of teeth.

Dental implants offer the same-day solution that patients need, and they offer a durable and effective solution that supports long-term oral health.

Broken Tooth? We Provide Treatment

Emergency dental services by KRK Implant Center also treat teeth broken in a fall, collision, or another injury. Some breaks only cause visual damage without creating discomfort. Other injuries can be very painful. In both cases, our practice will determine whether it is more effective to repair the broken tooth or replace it with a dental implant and crown.

Your Teeth Are Causing Pain

Patients often see a periodontist after they have been living with discomfort for some time. Their gums may be swollen, red, or bleeding after brushing, or they may have noticed a build-up of plaque and tartar. With this type of oral disease, discomfort can advance to acute pain or swelling, and a weakening of the jawbone and teeth. Any of these symptoms may be a good reason to contact an emergency dentist. At KRK Implant Center, we may be able to see you within 24 hours and, in many cases, get are treated the same day, whether you are experiencing swelling, an abscess, or generalized pain. Get in touch with us, and we will work quickly to stop the discomfort and provide you the relief you need. If you are looking for an emergency dentist, contact KRK Implant Center today at 210.826.3946 or online at kruegerimplants.com.