Dentures were the traditional tooth replacement option for many years for patients who were missing many of their teeth or who had advanced oral disease. Today, it’s very likely your general dentist recommended that you consider dental implants instead of dentures. Implants have become the new standard of care because of the benefits that they offer in health, cost, and quality of life. Learn from KRK Implant Center why we recommend dental implants instead of dentures, and how the technology helps restore smiles.

Dental Implants Offer Oral Health Advantages Over Dentures

Patients should understand that dentures do not fully restore their teeth. They are appliances that sit on top of the gums and are adhered to the jaw. While the visible tooth may seem restored, the tooth roots, which grow under the gums and are anchored in the bone, are not replaced. This is a problem. Over time, bone in the area of a missing tooth root will begin to erode. This can give the mouth and face a collapsed appearance and weaken the jaw. Dental implants work differently. They provide a replacement tooth root that connects to a crown (the part of the tooth that is visible when you smile). This new tooth root helps to stimulate bone growth and prevent resorption, or loss of the jaw bone.

For Patients, Dentures Mean Greater Cost in the Long-Term

In some cases, dentures may be less expensive than dental implants for the initial procedure. However, this cost savings often doesn’t last. Since dentures cause bone loss in the jaw, the strength and stability of the jaw decreases over time. As the shape of the jaw and gums change, dentures may fit more loosely and become uncomfortable. This leaves you with few options. One is to live with the worsening fit of the dentures and the mouth, which can affect the way you speak, chew, and smile. Another is to pay for a new set of dentures or an adjustment. This usually means you have a greater expense with dentures over time and have a less desirable result than with dental implants.

Implants Offer a Better Appearance and Function Better Than Dentures

Patients who opt for dental implants over dentures will recognize several benefits:

  • Dentures restrict what you can eat and require ongoing maintenance. Dental implants integrate with the jaw to form a strong bond allowing you to eat whatever your natural teeth would allow. You can also brush and care for them as you would your own teeth.
  • Dentures can shift as you speak and chew. Dental implants do not move, and the replacement crowns offer a natural look and feel.
  • Dentures do not preserve the bone in the jaw, and erosion of this bone can collapse and prematurely age the face. Dental implants help you maintain a stronger jaw and younger facial features.

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