Oral Surgery

At KRK Implant Center, our priorities are your comfort and care. From your appointment with Doctor Krueger to your interactions with our hygienists, surgical assistants, and front office staff, every member of our team focuses on creating a relaxed and caring experience for you. We understand that seeing a periodontal specialist is an important decision and an investment in your health. Here are some of the ways we support your treatment.

We Communicate Effectively About Your Procedure

If you are having oral surgery for the first time, it’s important that you:

  • Have a chance to learn about your caregiver. In our offices, patients have the opportunity to ask questions about the causes, treatment, sedation options, and recovery related to their condition.
  • Receive a prompt response to concerns. Following a procedure, you may be uncertain whether symptoms you are feeling are normal or there are steps you can take to increase your comfort. KRK Implant Center returns your calls, and conducts follow-up calls and visits to insure you progress well during your recovery.
  • Receive treatment that is tailored to your needs. Doctor Krueger plans your surgery after a thorough examination, as well as learning your goals. Planning treatment in this way helps achieve more effective results.

Oral Surgery Patients Experience a Caring Bedside Manner

KRK Implant Center focuses on quality. It’s why we invest in more accurate and efficient technology for your diagnosis and treatment. It is the reason we use top-of-the-line components in procedures such as dental implant placement and oral surgery. It’s also why we insure you have the time you need during your initial consultation and follow-up visits to ask questions and make informed decisions. We treat patients — not conditions — because we understand that a successful procedure isn’t merely one that creates an attractive result. It must function and last. You should receive care that values your time, your concerns, your investment and your comfort.

Effective and Efficient Treatment

Colleagues consider Doctor Krueger one of the top periodontists in the field. He established this expertise with over three decades in practice, and he builds on this knowledge with continuing education to serve his patients. Doctor Krueger will apply his expertise in sedation and anesthesia to insure you feel no pain during the procedure, and he will perform your treatment expediently so you experience the least amount of discomfort possible. Along with this efficiency, you can expect results that look as natural, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If you would like to join the other oral surgery patients who have benefited from our work, contact KRK Implant Center at 210.826.3946 or online at kruegerimplants.com.