Cosmetic Enhancements

KRK Implant Center provides an array of treatments to give you a welcoming, attractive smile. We offer meticulous technique, supportive care, and years of practice to patients.


Cosmetic enhancements make improvements to your existing teeth and gums, and replace missing teeth. Subtle changes can often significantly enhance your smile. Doctor Krueger will work with you to create a treatment plan targeted to your goals and that helps you achieve the improvement you seek.


Understanding Cosmetic Enhancements

KRK Implant Center’s cosmetic enhancements include:

  • Crown lengthening: This procedure alters the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth. Doctor Krueger often uses this treatment to allow new veneers or crowns to be the correct length and shape.
  • Gum recession treatment: Damage, disease, and heredity can all cause the gums to recede down the teeth. Doctor Krueger can apply a gum graft to repair the defect(s) and prevent additional recession and bone loss.
  • Dental implants: If you have one or more teeth that are missing or damaged, dental implants offer a permanent, stable solution. The procedure replaces these teeth with tooth roots and crowns that look and feel like your own natural teeth.

For the greatest aesthetic improvement, Doctor Krueger may advise you to consider having additional procedures, such as tooth whitening or straightening.


Why Patients Choose Cosmetic Enhancements

You may feel your teeth are too short or your smile shows too much of your gums, your teeth may be overexposed because of recessed gums, or you may have missing teeth. KRK Implant Center may be able to treat all of these concerns with the cosmetic enhancements we offer.


During your initial consultation, Doctor Krueger will take time to answer your questions about your smile, offer an approach to treatment, and advise you about the alternatives available. This open and informative approach is one of the reasons patients have relied on our practice for years.


Your Experience with KRK Implant Center 

Cosmetic enhancements each have their own treatment approach, and our website provides extensive information about gum recession treatment and dental implants.


As with these procedures, crown lengthening begins with the initial consultation. Doctor Krueger will use special instruments to determine where the edge of your tooth enamel is, and will establish the appropriate treatment. X-rays and CT scans are sometimes necessary for this evaluation.


During the procedure, Doctor Krueger:

  • Offers sedation as desired, and numbs the area so you feel no pain.
  • Reshapes the gumline so more of your teeth are exposed.
  • Uses stitches that will dissolve as the gums heal.

Recovery from this cosmetic enhancement procedure is relatively simple. Most patients stay home from work or school the day after surgery, which makes Thursdays and Fridays popular for treatment.


KRK Implant Center will advise you to refrain from firm foods for the first couple of weeks after your procedure. You may want to stick to eggs, fish, pasta, or other soft foods. Two to three weeks following surgery, you can expect to be fully recovered and return to a more normal diet.


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