Why Dentists Refer Patients to San Antonio Periodontist Kenneth Krueger, D.D.S.

If your dentist recommended you contact KRK Implant Center, it’s likely for two reasons:

  • First, he or she may focus on regular oral health concerns and believe that you need the specialized care a periodontist offers.
  • Second, your dentist wants you to receive this care from a practitioner who provides the highest-quality and most effective treatment.

The reputation that Doctor Krueger has developed for expertise and patient support comes from more than three decades of work in the field. Learn more about why your dentist referred you to him and his team.

Specialized Training and Expert Procedures for Patients in San Antonio

Periodontists focus on the soft tissue (gums) and underlying bone structure of the mouth. While a general dentist can treat certain concerns, a periodontist like Doctor Krueger regularly manages cases of advanced gum disease, places dental implants, and conducts oral cosmetic improvements.

Doctor Krueger has:

  • Received extensive training and is certified in administering sedation and anesthesia.
  • Been committed to continuing education in his field and participates in the leading professional organizations.
  • Received proper dental implant training and performs the procedures many times daily.

Because Doctor Krueger understands the importance of precision and quality in the outcome of his procedures, our practice invests in the time, technology, and resources to achieve the best results. For example, KRK Implant Center utilizes only the top three brands of dental implants, which offer greater predictability in design and durability and therefore in results.

Doctor Krueger’s Reputation as a San Antonio Periodontist

Your dentist may refer you to Doctor Krueger because of his standing in the dental community. He was one of the first practitioners in our area to offer dental implants, and his leadership in the field has helped him develop relationships with many general dentists, possibly including your own.

Doctor Krueger’s focus is the well-being of his patients. It’s one of the reasons dentists feel confident referring to him and his staff. We show this care in several ways:

  • DoctorKrueger spends time during your initial visit to conduct a thorough examination and to discuss any concerns you have. Many times, this talking with a patient provides greater insight into a case, and it helps patients feel more comfortable and confident about their treatment.
  • Our staff communicates effectively and responds quickly to questions or concerns. We also have dedicated team members to support any issue that a patient may require, from scheduling to financing to surgical procedures.
  • Doctor Krueger utilizes advanced technology to make a more complete diagnosis and to determine a treatment plan. Our office has x-ray, cone-beam CT, and digital radiograph machines to obtain as much information as possible about each patient’s condition.

Doctor Krueger will apply this high level of care and attentiveness to your treatment. We invite you to contact our practice to learn more.

Call KRK Implant Center at 210,826.3946, or schedule an appointment with our San Antonio periodontist online at kruegerimplants.com.