Treatment Options in San Antonio: Gum Surgery

Gum surgery can provide you with greater confidence and comfort, whether it gives you a more attractive smile, stops disease or eliminates discomfort when you brush your teeth or chew your food.

KRK Implant Center offers San Antonio gum surgery options that address a number of dental concerns. Learn more about the procedures that we provide.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

When you put effort into careful brushing and flossing, you want your teeth to be the focus of your smile. However, you may feel your gums are too noticeable and detract from the way you look.

The options for gum surgery at KRK Implant Center include crown lengthening, a procedure that exposes more of the tooth to make the gums less noticeable. This is a great solution if you will be having veneers or a new crown. These replacements can be mismatched with the rest of the teeth, and adjusting the gums can make them look more natural.

Gum recession treatment is another treatment we offer. You may have noticed your tooth or teeth appear longer than normal or that you can see a portion of the tooth root. If so, your gums may have receded, creating an aesthetic issue or sensitivity in the area of the exposed root. KRK Implant Center can resolve gum recession through one of several procedures, including a soft-tissue graft to restore the receded area.

Oral Health Gum Surgery

San Antonio patients sometimes require gum surgery for oral health-related concerns. Issues such as gum disease can detract from the aesthetics of your smile as well, so there is some crossover between an oral health-related surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Gum disease may result as plaque and tartar develop below and above the gum line, promoting the growth of bacteria. Doctor Krueger will usually perform deep cleaning as a first measure. This combines scaling and root planing to remove the plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

If deep cleaning does not eliminate or control the gum disease, Doctor Krueger may recommend other surgical approaches. One of the most common is repositioning the gums to reduce the space between them and the teeth. This can prevent bacteria from re-forming in these areas.

Aesthetics and Oral Health Go Together

Cosmetic and health treatments ultimately support one another. Being comfortable, protecting your teeth, and maintaining healthy gums will make it much easier for you to preserve your smile.

That is why we encourage patients to:

  • Notice changes in the appearance of their mouth. Loosening teeth, discolored gums, or sensitivity in certain areas all may require care.
  • Have regular appointments with a general dentist so you can prevent gum disease.
  • Understand how treatment works by visiting with our experienced professionals.

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