San Antonio Tooth Extraction

San Antonio’s KRK Implant Center offers advanced oral care, including tooth extraction. create a Learn some of the reasons you might consider treatment.

Your Cavity Can’t Be Filled

Even with careful brushing and flossing, it’s possible for your tooth to develop a cavity. While dentists can treat most cavities with normal measures, cavities that go untreated can increase in size and, potentially, be irreparable. As a periodontist, Doctor Krueger can extract the tooth if the cavity is too large to treat. He can then provide a natural-looking, durable tooth replacement.

If the Tooth is Broken, Cracked, or Dead, Consider Tooth Extraction

San Antonio patients with broken teeth may feel pain or discomfort as they speak, swallow, or chew. They may also feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. A nerve inside a tooth may have died or been removed as part of a root-canal treatment. The tooth may have begun to change color over time, or it may have become more sensitive as it begins to abscess. Both broken and dead teeth may be good candidates for extraction and replacement.

The Tooth Has Become Loose

Periodontal disease can weaken the connections between the teeth and gums. This health concern presents itself in several ways — red gums, sensitivity, bleeding while brushing — but loose teeth are a sign of advanced disease. San Antonio tooth extraction patients should discuss the issue with our team as soon as possible. Doctor Krueger can determine whether it’s possible to save the tooth, or replacement is the better option. Treatment can also help prevent further complications from oral disease.

Tooth Extraction and Dental Implants

Whatever the reason you decide to have a tooth removed, KRK Implant Center offers an effective solution for replacing the missing tooth: dental implants. Many patients may have dental implants placed the same day the tooth is removed. This means they never have to feel embarrassed by an incomplete smile. Doctor Krueger uses dental implants to provide a new tooth root to which a crown can be attached. This approach gives you the same look, feel, and functionality of your natural teeth. Combining extraction and dental implants makes it even easier for you to transition between an incomplete or damaged smile to a healthy one. Learn more about how KRK Implant Center supports patients in San Antonio. Tooth extraction procedures can be scheduled by calling 210.826.3946 or contacting us online at