Quality versus Cost for Dental Implant Patients in San Antonio

“Affordable dental implants.” There’s nothing wrong with the idea of saving money on treatment for tooth restoration. However, focusing only on the upfront cost of treatment can blind you to the long-term expenses you may incur, discomfort you may have, and time you may waste pursuing other options.

Before you choose a low-cost provider to perform oral surgery, be sure you understand the costs you may face down the road.

Dental Implants Do Offer Savings Over Other Options

If you compare the long-term cost of dental implants with other tooth-replacement options, they are significantly more cost effective for patients visiting us in San Antonio.

“Affordable dental implants” may have a higher price initially than a bridge replacement or partial dentures. However, they can be a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth, while other methods can actually contribute to problems with your oral health:

  • Dental implants provide replacement tooth roots with crowns. These roots stimulate bone growth and prevent bone resorption.
  • Bridges require that the enamel be ground off adjacent, healthy teeth, and consider these statistics: one of seven teeth crowned end up needing root-canal treatment, and roughly one in seven teeth undergoing this procedure are lost.
  • Bridges and dentures can damage the adjacent teeth through stress and friction. In addition, they do not replace the tooth roots.
  • Over time, bone resorption can create space between the gums and non-implant replacements. Your dentist may need to perform one or more follow-up procedures, treating more and more of the mouth as the bone recedes.

Dental implants are more affordable over time because they don’t require this type of follow-up procedure, sparing you the cost, discomfort, and hours in a dental chair.

For Patients in San Antonio, “Affordable Dental Implants” Are Not All Equal

Once you have decided that you are going to have dental implants, you may begin to compare providers. As you consider your options, remember that not every practice offers the same quality for your investment.

The implant brand a practice uses matters. KRK Implant Center uses the highest-quality implant brands, including Straumann, Nobel, 3i and Astra. We work with the largest and most established international companies because they have thoroughly tested their materials and products. This provides patients with greater confidence in the longevity of their procedure.

Unfortunately, some practices attempt to lure patients by cutting costs and quality. They use “affordable” dental implants with designs and materials that are similar but more cheaply fabricated. These implants aren’t tested to the same extent that top products are, and can often have lower success rates.

The quality of your oral caregiver also matters. Because dental implants have become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth, many practitioners are now placing them. This includes dentists who have not had significant training or experience. In addition, dentists rarely have an extensive background in sedation or anesthesia. When your procedure will require placement of dental implants, this is an important factor to consider.

KRK Implant Center urges San Antonio patients to consider dental implants an investment in their long-term health. Focus less on affordable dental implants and more on receiving value from your investment, and you’ll likely be much happier with the outcome.

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