KRK Implant Center Offers Patients in San Antonio Immediate Dental Implants

Even when we take excellent care of our smiles, we are all just an accident, fall, injury or root-canal procedure from needing tooth restoration. In these unfortunate situations, Doctor Krueger, an experienced periodontist, can use dental implants to provide new tooth roots fro teeth.

Our practice provides patients in San Antonio immediate dental implants to restore their smile with a single procedure. Learn how the results of our work allow patients to re-gain what they’ve lost with natural-looking, natural-feeling tooth replacements.

Why Do Patients Want Immediate Dental Implants?

A missing or broken tooth undermines the aesthetics of your smile. Instead of a line of straight, white, healthy teeth, the arch is incomplete. Teeth in the front that are missing or damaged may be noticeable in particular, and even missing teeth farther back can affect speech or chewing. This can lead to a domino effect on the rest of your teeth.

For many patients in San Antonio, immediate dental implants are:

  • A way to discreetly restoring teeth.  Dental implants look, feel, and function like your own teeth.
  • A way of avoiding embarrassment. Patients don’t have to appear in public with an incomplete smile or explain (over and over again) how they damaged their teeth.
  • A convenient option for restoration since the procedure takes place during one treatment session.

How Do Immediate Dental Implants Work?

Doctor Krueger will consult with you about the damage to your tooth or teeth and conduct an examination to determine an appropriate treatment for you. If he determines you are a good candidate for implants, you may schedule your procedure.

The day of your treatment:

  • Doctor Krueger anesthetizes the area so you don’t experience discomfort during procedure. He will provide any level of sedation you desire.
  • He provides a permanent tooth root, or implant, that will form a strong bond to your jawbone.
  • He can connect a temporary, natural-looking crown to the implant.

You wear this crown throughout your healing to restore the missing tooth, and, in a simple procedure a few months later, your dentist will replace it with a permanent crown. This approach allows you to have the aesthetic benefits of a same-day solution while providing a long-term solution that will enhance with your smile.

If you are considering tooth replacement in San Antonio, immediate dental implants may offer you the efficient and effective solution you need. Contact KRK Implant Center for an appointment at 210.826.3946 or online at