How to Wage an Epic Battle Against Gum Disease

San Antonio gum disease patients wait to call KRK Implant Center when their symptoms have already become severe. They’re bothered by irritated and bleeding gums, oral sensitivity, and teeth that shift or move, and they’re ready to fight back.


We care about our patients, and we would rather they manage these concerns before they require an advanced procedure. Learn how to protect yourself against gum disease at every stage of its progression and how we can support your treatment.

Home Care to Prevent Gum Disease

Bacteria thrive in your mouth when you have a build-up of plaque and tartar. These organisms begin to attack the gums, causing the irritation, swelling, and sensitivity that precede periodontal disease.


To defend yourself at this stage:

  • Brush your teeth regularly.
  • Floss carefully and thoroughly.
  • Note any changes in the appearance of teeth or gums.

Home care is one of the most simple measures for maintaining oral health for patients in San Antonio.

Gum Disease and Dental Cleanings

Your general practitioner dentist is your ally in the battle against gum disease. He or she is on the front line, performing regular cleanings and examinations of your gums and teeth.


By visiting your dentist as recommended, you may be able to prevent gingivitis or periodontitis. You will also be able to track the progress of disease if, for some reason, the general dentist is unable to resolve a growing concern. In this case, you may receive or request a referral to KRK Implant Center for advanced treatment.

Scaling and Surgery

In cases where gum disease is advancing, it’s time to call the expert. KRK Implant Center will:

  • Perform a thorough examination of the issues concerning you and identify the causes and status of your gum disease.
  • Recommend an approach for resolving these concerns.
  • Answer any questions you have about our procedures.

Doctor Krueger usually begins treatment with scaling and root planing. This is non-surgical procedure removes bacteria, plaque, and tartar to eliminate gum irritation and disease. Doctor Krueger will use a local anesthetic to insure your comfort, and he will perform this deep cleaning to get to the source of your disease..


We will evaluate your body’s response to the procedure after two to three months, and determine whether you require further treatment. Doctor Krueger has expertise in several treatment options that can reduce the size of the pockets that are trapping bacteria, strengthen weakened bone, and restore teeth that you may have lost.


Learn more about winning the battle. San Antonio gum disease patients can contact KRK Implant Center at 210.826.3946 or fill out the form on the right.