Are Dentures Really Less Expensive In The Long Run?

are-dentures-really-less-expensiveThese days, finances are a concern few people are immune to. With every little expense quickly adding up, the cost of dental care is the last thing you want to think about. When you live with missing teeth every day, though, eventually frustration gets the better of you and you start considering your options.


For many patients in San Antonio, dentures seem like the logical choice, because they offer a low-cost solution in the immediate. While it’s true that dentures are typically the least expensive up front, they carry with them a number of drawbacks that may end up costing more than you think.

The Hidden Costs of Dentures

You’re probably already familiar with the aesthetic and functional problems posed by dentures – decreased chewing power, lingering food odor, potential slippage at an inopportune moment – but there are other, more serious concerns to consider:

  • Jawbone Deterioration: without teeth rooted in your jawbone, it will begin to deteriorate over time. This can actually alter your facial structure, giving you a collapsed appearance, and weakening your jaw.
  • Damage to Neighboring Teeth: partial dentures require support from neighboring teeth to stay in place. While this doesn’t pose an immediate problem, over time, the pull on those supporting teeth can cause them to loosen and even fall out.
  • Denture Replacement: even the best dentures are only a temporary solution. They wear out over time and typically require replacement every 5-8 years. Depending on how many replacements you need over the course of your lifetime, the cost of replacement alone could exceed that of other options.

Dental Implants: A Lasting Solution

Though dentures offer a low-cost remedy in the short term, when you consider the additional expenses they can cause over time, they may not be less expensive at all. Dental implants, on the other hand, offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Not only do they prevent jawbone deterioration and damage to neighboring teeth, but they look and feel like natural teeth and stand the test of time.


If you’re in need of replacement teeth, don’t just settle for dentures. Call us at KRK Implant Center today. We’ll work with you to maximize your insurance coverage and can even offer financing if needed.


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